Thursday, January 12, 2012

Empty Nest.....part two

We are getting close to the end of week three of empty nesting and this is what I’ve learned. 
1.      I need to learn to cook for two again. I AM SICK OF LEFTOVERS!
2.        I have lots of free time when I don’t pause for a minute to watch whatever TV show that Jess is watching….. apparently, I don’t need to keep up with the Kardashians or anyone else or to discuss the latest internet video of the marriage proposals that she and I love to watch.
3       If you save up all of your talking for when your husband gets home…..on the weekend he will take you to the movies so he can have a minute (or hour) of peace and quiet.  
4.     . If your younger child agrees to come home to visit… is not to see mom. It’s to do her laundry and sleep.
                   Extra points if you can find Melissa in there!

This is what Jess has been learning……

While Blaine was there....they did some sightseeing. 
They ate "lobstah" in Boston....

Did some ice skating.....
This is Blaine on ice.....haha....ouch! I mean falling on ice.

Spent New Years Eve in a cabin in New Hampshire.....

They took her to the local mall in New Hampshire. I hope she didn't spend too much money...she won't have room in her suitcases.

Blaine learned some new fashions to take back to California.
He must have gotten some tips from my nephew Charlie.....

After Blaine left and the vacation was over, Jess has been hard at work at her internship. She texted me that  it was 8 degrees her first morning. In my best mom pep talk, I told her this was good for her....that this was a good growing experience. (What else can a mom say?) She texted back that it was too cold for anything to grow back there. I couldn't argue with her on that one.
Love this picture of her with Aunt AnnMarie....what's funny is Jess is wearing two jackets. 

Today she sent this picture with the note......"It's time". 

Nope....I don't miss the shoveling and cleaning off the car every morning. I'm happy to be right where I am!

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