Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet my husband's new friend- Gina!

For Christmas, my daughter and I gave my husband a GPS. He is amazing at getting around in San Diego because he’s found his own shortcuts from all the driving he does in his construction business. Whenever we are out of state and need to find directions, it has always been my job to read the map and tell him where to go. Now….. my map reading skills are also amazing but occasionally….. our skills don’t match and a fight  strong words erupt.
So….thanks to technology…. We now have someone else to take the fall. So….. enter the TomTom GPS system.
 A couple of weeks ago, we had to drive up north to Long Beach. Not being familiar with the area, we thought it was time to try out the new toy. We’ve named her Gina the GPS since she has a very sultry voice.  So…. The three of us get in the car and off we go.
I’m sure we looked very similar to this video of the older couple trying to figure out how to work their webcam.
                        If you've never seen it. We  will all be here one day.
We got her programmed and we were doing very well and got to destination #1. Ok, so there may have been a quick road detour that I missed but I’m sticking with it being Gina’s fault. 

 I quickly reprogrammed her and off we went to destination #2.  Still doing well, she tells us quickest routes, she tells us gas stations and even restaurants. She is amazing. We should have befriended her long ago. I’m pushing all her buttons to see how much information she has. I tested different voices which they have actually named. Lance, from England, was my first choice but Fernando couldn’t understand the bloke. Go Figure!! Gina was easier on his ears although I pointed out that she couldn’t even say San Diego correctly. It was more of an electronic SAHN DIEGAH. For him, it was music to his ears.
That next week Gina and Fernando had to drive to a new customer’s home.  We kissed goodbye (Fernando and I) and off they went to work together.  What I didn’t realize was that with all the playing that I did with the buttons, I inadvertently pushed in "search for walking routes". So, what should have taken him a ½ hour on freeways….. Gina was telling him was going to take 6 hours. I don't know why he didn't think this was as funny as I did?

He started off listening to her and when he realized that she was giving wrong directions, he tuned her out! I know how you feel Gina….been there! Well, when he ignored her directions…. She began to repeat herself and repeat and repeat. Is this sounding familiar ladies? He finally figured out how to turn her off.

The next day, he was kicking a ball around the kitchen for the dog and making black scuff marks on the floor. I asked if he could stop doing that.
Do you know what that man said? He said….. “Darn, I thought I shut off the ‘nag-agator’!”
Will someone please come out with a GPS where you can program it with the wife’s voice? I have a few more directions to send him.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parenting someone into a career path

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I'm unable to post as often these days as I'm trying to finish up with my school work and come April...... I will be finished. So hang in there and keep watching for the occasional post and I'm hoping I'll be able to entertain you more often very soon.

My husband and I were out running errands the other day and ran into the father of our daughter's high school friend. Now we've never been very chatty with this man, he's always been kind of a quiet man but our girls had gone to school together and played sports for many years so the girls hung out quite a bit. Now the man.... I'll call him Mr. D walked by us and stopped to say hello. It was very nice. We filled each other in on our daughters' whereabouts. His daughter is in school to become a federal agent. Wow! Sounded impressive to me.

We get out to the car and as usual my husband can't remember who Mr. D is. So.... I try to remember stories that he can remember and relate the face to the story.

So this is the story I chose to remind him :

There was a time when our daughter needed a ride home from school but I was driving my other daughter to pick up her car at the garage. Now being law-abiding citizens when the law says this......

After you pass your driving test, you will be issued a provisional driver license.
This means you cannot give anyone under 20 years old (your friends, your brother(s), sister(s), cousin(s), etc.) a ride unless you have a licensed parent, a guardian or other adult 25 years old or older in the car with you. 

....we will abide by it. 
I know....crazy parenting right!! We follow rules and that rule applies for the first year of having a new license. So I told her to wait at school and she assured me that she could get a ride from someone who was OK to drive her home (aka someone who had past the provisional first year). So very shortly I leave the house to drive my other daughter to pick up the car and as we are driving away I see a black SUV driving down our street with Mr. D's daughter.....let's call her Kim. (She could be a federal agent one day....don't want to get her in trouble.) Now I know that Kim had just gotten her license within the last month.  

As we passed the SUV, I said to my daughter..... your sister is in that car. She said "No she's not.....Kim was all alone". I said....."No, your sister is crouching down because they just spotted us." 
So Kim drives perfectly past me without blinking or turning her head to catch my eye.
Kim pulls into the street just past my house and I quickly turned the car around and parked under a tree behind a van several houses up. I could see my house but they wouldn't notice me. Yup.... I'm staking out my own home!!

 I got my phone ready to speed dial my daughter and waited for Kim to pull in front of the house and sure enough....she.... I mean.....they did.
My daughter in the car with me, between fits of laughter and disbelief, says "Wow should be a CSI agent!!" 

I hit speed dial and my daughter now sitting in my driveway answers her phone. The conversation went like this:
Me: Hi honey, did you happen to get a ride home yet? Or do you still need me to come get you?
Her: Yeah..... Brian dropped me off. (Brian is older....I'm supposed to feel better.)
Me: Really, how nice! Because I think that looks like Kim. Wait.....yes I'm sure its Kim and if you look down the'll see me waving at you both right now!! So..... you are busted. Get in the house now and we'll talk when I get back!!

At which point, very pleased with my parenting skill, I drove away laughing!!! husband now remembers who Kim is when I relate this story. He says...... "Wow..... federal agent and she has you to thank for helping her find her career choice! That's something to be proud of!" 
I hate it when he thinks he's funny.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Empty Nest.....part two

We are getting close to the end of week three of empty nesting and this is what I’ve learned. 
1.      I need to learn to cook for two again. I AM SICK OF LEFTOVERS!
2.        I have lots of free time when I don’t pause for a minute to watch whatever TV show that Jess is watching….. apparently, I don’t need to keep up with the Kardashians or anyone else or to discuss the latest internet video of the marriage proposals that she and I love to watch.
3       If you save up all of your talking for when your husband gets home…..on the weekend he will take you to the movies so he can have a minute (or hour) of peace and quiet.  
4.     . If your younger child agrees to come home to visit… is not to see mom. It’s to do her laundry and sleep.
                   Extra points if you can find Melissa in there!

This is what Jess has been learning……

While Blaine was there....they did some sightseeing. 
They ate "lobstah" in Boston....

Did some ice skating.....
This is Blaine on ice.....haha....ouch! I mean falling on ice.

Spent New Years Eve in a cabin in New Hampshire.....

They took her to the local mall in New Hampshire. I hope she didn't spend too much money...she won't have room in her suitcases.

Blaine learned some new fashions to take back to California.
He must have gotten some tips from my nephew Charlie.....

After Blaine left and the vacation was over, Jess has been hard at work at her internship. She texted me that  it was 8 degrees her first morning. In my best mom pep talk, I told her this was good for her....that this was a good growing experience. (What else can a mom say?) She texted back that it was too cold for anything to grow back there. I couldn't argue with her on that one.
Love this picture of her with Aunt AnnMarie....what's funny is Jess is wearing two jackets. 

Today she sent this picture with the note......"It's time". 

Nope....I don't miss the shoveling and cleaning off the car every morning. I'm happy to be right where I am!