Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Preparations my way......

So on my last blog I told you about how my husband is so full of Christmas cheer. I didn’t want to sound like I’m an un-Christmas-Scrooge type person so I thought I’d share a little of the memories that I’ve given my girls.

I also like Christmas music..IF they are sung with the correct lyrics. One year, Fernando and my girls gave me a Reba McEntire Christmas cassette (this was before cars had cd was a while ago). I used to play that cassette every time the girls and I got in the car and back in those days…..we did a lot of driving.  Now Reba has some stuff that’s not too bad but some of it is pretty "twang-y" country stuff. The girls hated that cassette after the first season or so. But being a woman that loves traditions (insert evil laugh here)….. I insisted we play it for years!!! Even in their teen years….I made them listen to it. Hey….they gave it to me….deal with it!!! Here’s a sample of it for your pleasure…..(go on the link) 

If you happen to be talking with my girls..... ask them to tell you the story..... they have it memorized by now!! 
Last year Melissa was studying in Spain for a semester and was away for all the Christmas preparations. It did my heart good to get the following email from her:

"just thought you should know i just spent about 30 minutes telling my friend about reba's christmas music you used to torture us with every year. and then of course we went on youtube and looked them up and died laughing. thanks for this lovely childhood memory! love you"

You see I've learned that not every memory has to be Hallmark perfect.

Another year….. they gave me a Christmas sweater. Oh this sweater should get an award or two as Christmas sweaters go. Now when they were little and Christmas sweaters were bold and bright and every one wore them (not just to Ugly sweater parties) I would wear it and they were proud that they had bought that for momma. But as the years went on….their pride.... well it became more of a pleading to not wear it. I was especially fond of wearing it whenever they needed a ride home from a friend’s house.

See what you think….
You can't see it but there are teddy bears baking cookies on the back of that sweater. 
Can I get an OH Yeah!!!

So….it’s only fitting that my family does not do the typical family Christmas photo since most likely you are thinking we are not that typical. You would be correct. We tried that same year....this is what it looked like.....

 So this is this year's version of......ahem…..our family Christmas card. Be sure to click on the blue highlighted area. 

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!! Have fun, make memories and remember what it's all about!!

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